Playlist: Best of Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish made history last week at the Grammy Awards by being the youngest artist ever to win in all four of the major categories. Not only is she breaking records, but she is also breaking the box with the messages she conveys in her music. Her refusal to conform to society’s image of a female artist and her unwavering authenticity is something to be idolized. Here is a playlist with some of the best songs she has created that highlight her musical versatility.

“when the party’s over”?

Billie sang a simple and beautiful performance of this song for her debut at the Grammys. As one of her slower songs, it showcases her unique voice.


Sung with one of her close friends, Khalid, the duet has a message that is definitely not “lovely.” Billie, however, is the queen of doing the unexpected in her music.?


Billie’s “bellyache” has a great beat, and the Marian Hill remix has even more energy. It’s also a super popular rendition of the original song.

“i love you”?

My personal favorite Billie song of all time! No other song will have you more in your feels than this one.

“come out and play”

Originally written for an Apple Music commercial, this song is so sweet. Perfect for a rainy day or lazy Sunday vibes.?

“Ocean Eyes”

Written when she was just 13 years old in her older brother Finneas’ bedroom, “Ocean Eyes” was Billie’s first hit song. It showcases her incredible vocal ability and has very ~chill vibes~. Check out the Astronomyy and blackbear remixes, too!


You might recognize this song from the “13 Reasons Why” soundtrack. I personally feel it is one of her more underrated songs and deserves more hype! It has a super empowering message about learning self-worth in the midst of harmful relationships.


Billie doesn’t hold anything back in her music, and this song showcases just that. While sometimes a touchy subject, she isn’t afraid to tackle the idea of self-hatred. She calls this song “the anthem for people who don’t like themselves.”

“wish you were gay”

We’ve all been there — the terrible situation where your crush doesn’t like you back. That’s what this song is about: making any excuse so the rejection doesn’t hurt so bad.?

“my strange addiction”

If you’re a fan of “The Office,” like Billie, this song is for you. In between the choruses, she adds audio from scenes in “The Office” because it is her “strange addiction.” She really does whatever she wants in her music and that’s what makes her so awesome!


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